Murals for Vintage Dance Lounge

I recently got the amazing opportunity to paint murals for a local dance club that is reopening. I designed the murals in Procreate, and then painted the murals, some with the help of a projector. They gave me a lot creative control on these, and I think they all fit the vibe and the aesthetic of the club pretty well. I did two in the women's restroom, three on the back of the bathroom stalls, one in the mens, and an 11 foot mural in a lounge. 

This is the process of that experience. I do not have professional photos yet, but these are the finished products. 
This is the sketch I made in Procreate for the lounge wall.
I used a projector to display my sketch onto the wall. I traced the projection with a white colored pencil. I then painted through the projection for the first coat, removed the projection for the second coat, and then did touch ups after. 
This is the mural ALMOST done, this is before I added touch ups. 
This is the finished 11 foot mural, with a ladder in the way because I am incredibly too weak to move it by myself. The furniture that is now in the lounge is all red to match the sunglasses and the lips. 
This is the clubs logo that I painted in the mens restroom. This one seems simple, but if you have ever painted on brick, you know that it is not that easy.
For the woman's restroom's, they wanted female centered imagery. They wanted lips with a tattoo of the clubs name, this one was challenging because I did not have a projector at this point so it was completely free handed. 
These photos were taken when the paint was still drying, and before the owners repainted the black behind the mural. 
As mentioned above, this is before the new layer of black was painted all over the wall. This mural is in the bathroom and faces the mirror, so I had to make sure the whole process that it looks good from both perspectives. 
They wanted a simple sketch of a woman's face on the wall, so this is that. I also had to freehand this one, and it is about 4 feet high.
They liked my previous examples of this hand lettering style, so I did that on the back of the stalls. I made a list of inspirational phrases that I felt fit the vibe and the audience of the club, and these were the 3 they chose. You would see these directly in front of you if you were sitting on the toilet. 
They also repainted the background on all of these stalls. It's hard to tell from the dim lighting of the bathroom, but the background is a baby pink. 
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